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  • Galaxy Extreme Altimeter by Alti-2

The Altimaster Galaxy Extreme was originally developed for pond swoopers who prefer a mechanical mechanism and an analog dial face. ​
It has since gained popularity among military end-users because of its familiarity with their current (non-waterproof) devices and smaller overall profile. ​
All the features of the Altimaster Galaxy, and its waterproof!! ​​
Galaxy has an altitude range of 18,000 feet MSL, marked in 250 foot increments. The face of Galaxy is highlighted with a yellow caution and red warning arc that starts at 3,000 feet. Galaxy contains a durable mechanism made from temperature compensating metals for minimal friction and precision accuracy. ​​
There are two basic types of dial face, the standard “glow in the dark” and the traditional white face. The white face does not glow in the dark. The glow face is phosphorescent & provides a background glow to assist in low light conditions. The glow lasts over 2 hours in complete darkness. ​​
​Note: Galaxy Extreme lens is not user replaceable. ​


  • Waterproof
  • Large 2″ dial face
  • Increased size and number thickness for ease of reading
  • Engraved serial number
  • 1″ thick robust aluminum casing available in a variety of colours
  • Sturdy hand moun

    Available in BLACK only, Feet with Glowface.

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Galaxy Extreme Altimeter by Alti-2

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  • Brand: Alti-2
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  • Product Code: Galaxy Extreme