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Need a great lightweight helmet and the ability to add cameras?

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X-Sport is your answer, and it features a Therma-Fit liner, dual internal audible pockets, and our new chin strap assembly. The X-Sport, which now replaces the All Sport, is a sleek, tuned headgear for any discipline. It also features a low profile molded platform for your GoPro or other camera apparatus. You can special order a version of the X-Sport that has open ears for BASE or CRW, where hearing & headgear are needed.

So, whatever you do, the X-Sport is for you!

Bonehead Composites' long-lasting, quality helmets are designed and manufactured by us in the USA out of carbon fiber - not the plastic most skydiving helmet manufacturers are using. We strive for perfection, so we continue to manufacture helmets using composites over the less-expensive injection molded plastic; carbon fiber for strength and backed by fiberglass for shock absorption.

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X-Sport Helmet by Bonehead Composites

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