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  • G4 Replacement Visor

Available in clear, tinted, orange, and blue mirror!
One visor size fits all of the G4 helmet sizes.
The G4 Visors have an anti-fog inside and anti-scratch outside. The G4 visor is tested for its optical qualities, has been certified and carries a CE mark. The visors are certified for optics, anti‐fog and resistance to penetration. The tinted and blue mirror visors are tested for the ability to prevent sun glare. The test standard for the sun glare is ISO 12312‐1:2013 and the tinted and blue mirror visors are certified under Filter Category 2 (Good Protection against Sun Glare).
The visor is very simple to remove. Undo the two side plates screws on both sides of the visor. Remove these plates and slide the visor forward.
These visors fit the Cookie G4 Helmet only.

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G4 Replacement Visor

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