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Tandem Skydiving

Tandem and first skydiving frequently asked questions

  1. Does the Skydiving Center (Dropzone) I select matter?
    Yes, we can break your selection down to a few different points.
    Altitude, Airplane, Facilities, and Staff.
    Altitude: The height you jump from will not matter to a Tandem skydiver, the experience will be so quick that you won't remember the difference. Only worry about altitude if you are planning to learn to Skydive.
    Airplane: The plane used will change the story you get to tell and how long you are at the Dropzone for. Smaller planes will lead to a more personal skydiving experience and leave for a much cooler stepping out into the sky story. Larger planes mean more people can fit into one load and less time on the Ground and more comfort while in the sky.