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  • Aluminum G4 Visor Plates

Add these to your Cookie G4 order to further customize your helmet to make it your own!
These anodized aluminum visor locking plates with outer ABS material can be installed on the Cookie G4 fullface helmet.
These aluminum plates are tunnel-friendly as each plate incorporates an outer ABS material surrounding the inner aluminum. The outer ABS has a textured finish to provide extra grip when using gloves as well.
All plates come with the Cookie G4 or Cloud Loop logo through the center, as selected.
Each order comes with a full set of 2 plates (one plate for each side of your helmet).

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Aluminum G4 Visor Plates

  • $29.00USD

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  • Brand: Cookie Composites
  • Aluminum G4 Visor Plates Executive Anvil logo Product #:
  • Product Code: G4 Plates