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Meet the Staff

Dylan Hrycay

Skydiving Gear Canada Equipment Representative Dylan is a second-generation skydiver who grew up around the DZ every weekend. He has been involved with several camps and events, including Fly4life and FlocknDock. He was actively involved in running Skydive SWOOP in 2017 and 2018. Dylan is available to talk about gear options with you via SGC’s phone number, email or in person. First jump? 2013 Jump number? 2000 Ratings/License? CSPA D License USPA C license AFFI Coach EJR Disciplines? XRW Canopy Piloting Freeflying

Sean Paquette

Skydiving Gear Canada Equipment Representative Spécialiste des Ventes du Quebec Sean is a second-generation skydiver whose father started skydiving in 1976. Sean’s father was on the Canadian skydiving team through the 80s and 90s, 8-time world champion in 4way relative work and was on world records including the 400-way in Thailand. Sean grew up around skydiving, as his father opened his own drop zone in 1990. He is looking forward to participating in: Canadian Relative Work Sequential Record August 2019, CRW Canopy Formation Canadian Record August 2019, and Canadian Nationals September 2019. Sean is available to discuss gear with you in French or English via phone, email or in person. Stats: Home DZ/current DZ? Started at Nouvel Air in Farnham, but now based at Voltige in Joliette. First jump? First tandem skydive was 1994 at the age of 4. First solo was in 2013. Jump number? 650 Ratings/License? CSPA C license Coach 2 Disciplines? 4-way relative work as camera man Bigway Relative Work CrW Records/awards? Silver medal at 2017 Canadian Nationals in Open 4-Way relative work Canadian Sequential relative work record in 2017

Maegan MacKimmie

Marketing, event planning and dropzone sales Maegan is technically a second-generation skydiver, whose father started skydiving in the early 1970s. Although he passed when she was young, she grew up hearing stories about skydiving, until she became curious enough to try it herself. Maegan is available to discuss SGC marketing or event planning and can provide dropzone sales while travelling. For gear related questions, however, speak to Dylan or Sean. First jump? 2014 tandem, first solo 2015 Jump number? 310 Ratings/License? CSPA B license Disciplines? Freeflying Some RW