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  • Mirage G4 Skydiving Container

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Custom G4 Mirage container. Mirage's G4 container is well-known for being comfortable and freefly friendly.

Please contact us or check with the manufacturer for current time around time. Shorter turnaround times are available for a range of additional rush fees. Mirage does keep several new stock rigs for immediate shipment. Stock Mirage rigs are available on an faster turnaround time. See the Mirage Facebook page for the current list of containers and then contact us for pricing.

To place an order for a custom Mirage, use the online order form at this link below:

Mirage G4 Order Form

Choose Skydiving Gear CanadaFlying Flynn's Gear Store as the dealer. Once the order is submitted, we immediately receive a copy of the order from Mirage's online ordering system. We will contact you to review the order, make any necessary changes and give you the final price with options. Payment can be made either through adding this Mirage to your online cart with payment, by phone or by e-transfer.

Stock or Custom G4.1 and our brand new G4.2 Mirage container - There is no technical difference. The G4.2 is a straighter, less curved rig. Mirage containers are well-known for being comfortable and freefly friendly. If properly maintained, your Mirage harness/container system will last for many years and thousands of jumps. We’ve made every effort to find and use the best materials available. Whether you’re a professional that jumps every day or a weekend fun jumper; your Mirage is built to last. Quality definitely matters.

Cutting-edge Alien Technology

Superior Comfort You'll forget you are wearing a rig! Increased Harness & Leg Padding All Mirage containers use premium padding. The harness padding is concentrated over the shoulders, where much of the weight of the rig rests. The internal leg strap padding is thick, firm, and practically indestructible; so that even after thousands of jumps they will still provide support and comfort. Our optional contoured leg pads are extra wide to provide a comfortable “seat” in the harness while under canopy. On the Unisyn harness, all ring locations are also padded; so that no hardware contacts the wearer. We also offer Black Hardware!

Conforming Harness Geometry

Your rig moves with you, not against you. Our customers routinely tell us that their Mirage is the most comfortable rig they’ve ever jumped. Much of the comfort of a rig comes from the way the harness conforms to the user’s body. The Mirage Unisyn Harness was specifically designed to flex at the natural junction points of the human body. This design has helped to eliminate harness buckling and twisting, as the harness takes straight paths between junction points. The Unisyn moves with you, on the ground and in the air.

Harness Styles

Technology enabled security, comfort, and mobility – in a harness! Mirage Systems takes pride in its ability to offer the most comfortable harness/container systems on the market. We build four styles of strong, comfortable harnesses from which you may choose. Unisyn Hip & Chest Rings 1 Piece Leg Pads For those who desire maximum security, flexibility, and comfort; we offer the most advanced harness design to date. The Mirage Unisyn Harness is the most articulating, conforming harness on the market. By re-engineering the way we attach harness components, we were able to position the hip and chest rings without compromise. The result is a harness that effortlessly moves with you. Unisyn Hip Rings 1 Piece Leg Pads For those that love the Mirage Unisyn hip rings with 1 piece leg pads but prefer no chest rings, this harness is exactly what they’re looking for. Low Hip Rings 2 Piece Leg Pads The Hip Ring Harness with 2-Piece Leg Pads is our previous (G3) harness, but it is also available on the G4. The hip rings are below the stabilizer and the stabilizer is stiffer. These leg pads are straight; contoured is not available on 2 piece leg pads. No Rings 1 Piece Leg Pads The standard no-ring harness is available with every size and model container we offer. It benefits from 25 years of accumulated harness research and development, while providing you with the best fit and comfort available in a non-articulating design.

Modular Construction

Easier Repairs Do you have an affinity for tarmac? Mirage containers are built using modular construction, which allows for easier repairs when flaps become damaged. Modular construction, as opposed to so-called unibody or wraparound construction, requires building the rig out of multiple flaps that are sewn together, rather than using a few flaps to cover multiple panels. The main container is a great example; the main side flaps are separate pieces that can be replaced. Damage a main flap on a unibody rig and you are stuck with a huge repair job, or resorting to an unsightly patch. Not so with a Mirage. Modular construction is much more time consuming during the initial build, but pays great dividends down the road.

Secure Flaps

Vertical Flying Friendly Up, down and sideways. In freefall, loose flaps are distracting and compromise safety. Mirage containers stay closed until YOU want them to open because our main and reserve pin covers are designed to accommodate all flying styles. We have zero bridle exposure, and our riser cover security sets the industry standard for reliability and safety.

Designed with high speed flying in mind.

Freeflying pushes any rig to the limit by applying high aerodynamic forces at arbitrary angles. At these speeds and attitudes, loose flaps and premature deployments are absolutely unacceptable. Mirage containers are designed with these principles in mind because vertical flying is the most challenging environment that a rig will deal with. Bridle exposure, riser retention, pin covers and other critical components are all tested and proven to provide Mirage owners with confidence and peace of mind. Riser security at its best! With well over a million jumps on our tuck tabs, Mirage Systems tuck tab riser covers are considered the best way to armor an area of the container that would otherwise be extremely vulnerable to wind forces and other undesirable factors. The profile of our tuck tabs is squared, for positive retention and fixed release force. The attachment location is placed over the shoulder, near the front of the rig, to allow for variation in reserve pack jobs. Additionally, they are designed modularly, in order to facilitate in-field replacement if needed. Mirage also offers magnetic riser covers for those that prefer them. Our magnetic covers are able to be set to standard or firm by the user to accommodate their flying style. Magnets are field replaceable. Mirage gives you the options you want and need!


Instant deployment of your reserve upon cutaway! The Reserve Static Line system consists of a lanyard between the left main riser and the reserve ripcord. It is designed to use the mechanical force of the released main risers after a cutaway to pull the reserve ripcord pin. The stainless steel RSL is a hot-forged Stainless Steel fixed-ball snap shackle with a full release arm. The Stainless-Steel shackle is standard on every Mirage RSL.


The only true non-interference system on the market. The Mirage Patented Trap System is not attached to the reserve in any way, until you cutaway and the RSL is used. It’s a true ‘non-interference’ system. Since there is no connection between the RSL and your reserve bridle, this means that there is nothing that must disconnect for a normal reserve deployment. If you pull the ripcord, or your AAD fires, the reserve pilot chute and bridle will deploy your reserve quickly and reliably, without hesitation and without interference from the Trap System. Until you cutaway you, and your reserve, won’t know it’s there! Only when you cutaway, does the Trap System RSL engage to trap and withdraw the reserve bridle, turning your main canopy into a very large pilot chute. M.A.R.D. = Main Assisted Reserve Deployment

Contrast Stitching

Contrast stitching on the binding tape can create an interesting accent to the container. Be aware that the harness and other webbings will still be sewn in their standard color and velcro will still be sewn in black. More examples of our custom and traditional embroidery, please visit here :

Main Deployment Handle

Flying 200mph? Pick the handle that’s right for you. The standard BOC main handle is comprised of tubular plastic attached to the main pilot chute. However, most jumpers prefer one of the following state-of-the-art handle options: Hacky Handle Comfortable leather ball that fits nicely in the palm of your hand. We offer two sizes of hacky: standard and extra-large. They are custom built in your choice of leather colors. FreeFly Handle For skydivers who demand additional main pilot chute protection, we offer the Mirage Freefly Handle. This low-profile main deployment handle uses a Velcro-less tuck-tab and the existing bridle protection flap to securely hold the BOC pilot chute in place. The freefly handle is built in a manner that makes it difficult to accidentally dislodge, but easy to deploy at pull time. Freefly handles come in all Mirage container cordura colors. FreeFly Hacky Handle For those of you who want both, we offer the Freefly Hacky Handle. It offers much of the same protection as the Mirage Freefly Handle, but with the ever-familiar ball-in-palm feel. It is made of leather and is available with all of the same color options as the Hacky Handle above. For the Main Pilot Chute, we offer different options for fabric and size.

Main Deployment Bag

Mirage offers Standard, Split and Semi-Stowless Main Bags to meet individual packing preferences.

Secondary Main Closing Loop

Additional packing options. An optional secondary main closing loop is available located in the bottom of the main pack tray. Containers with the secondary loop also still have the primary loop location, so the user may choose which loop location they prefer. This allows the jumper to downsize to a smaller size than they would be able to otherwise.

Birdman Corners

Wingsuit Options on a non-Wingsuit Edition Container If you are interested in many different flying styles, Mirage can accommodate you! Learning how to wingsuit in your every day Mirage will be worry free. The advantage of a Mirage is that our containers are ready to fly any style. With minor details such as a longer pilot chute bridle (9' and 12') and a larger diameter of pilot chute, we can also equip your daily jumper with dynamic Birdman corners. These 'Birdman' corners allow your main deployment bag to deploy behind you of the bottom of the container rather than deploying upwards to avoid any malfunction.

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Mirage G4 Skydiving Container

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