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  • Mirage Semi-Stowless Main Deployment Bag

Replacement Semi-Stowless Main D-Bag for your Mirage container. This is the factory-replacement semi-stowless main d-bag from Mirage built to your size of G3 or G4 container.

This version of the Mirage Main Deployment Bag is features 3 locking stows and a tuck flap pouch for your excess line.

Available for most sizes of the G3 and G4 Mirage. Specify container type and size below.

Turnaround time is approximately 2-3 weeks plus shipping time to you.

Packing the Semi-Stowless Bag:

Fold the main parachute in accordance with the canopy manufacturer’s instructions and place in the deployment bag. Long fold the main parachute slightly wider than the closing flap of the bag.

Close the semi-stowless bag as you would any conventional bag by making the locking stows. Start in the center, then alternate left or right to the outside stows.

Roll the packed bag toward main pilot chute, which will place the line stow pocket facing up. Begin stowing suspension lines by making a large loop on top of one end pocket.

Neatly form a figure eight pattern with the suspension lines on top of both end pockets. The suspension line loops should be completely across the line stow pocket.

Continue stowing the suspension lines in a figure eight pattern until the main risers are 12” (+/-) from the packed bag.

Lift the end pockets and place over the suspension line loops.

Close the line cover.

Insert the line cover tuck tabs into the slots under the pocket. The suspension lines must enter and exit the pocket through the notch in cover.

Roll packed bag toward the risers and place in main container normally.

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Mirage Semi-Stowless Main Deployment Bag

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