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You won't find more features for the value in any other mount on the market. This mount is the successor to the original ProCut. The ProCut2 still has a cutaway system but includes many new features such as:
Hardware inside the helmet has been eliminated except for the cutaway pin itself.
Even more snag resistant design.
Detentes create an angle setting that is nearly unmovable once the camera angle is set, a feature not found in any other mount on the market.
Only (4) very small holes are required for installation.
New advanced manufacturing processes give a very high quality finish.
After initial installation, only a single alan key is needed to remove or install the mount for activities such as tunnel flying.
Cut away handle is made of standard RSL cable and a stainless steel pin.
Attaching loops are constructed from kevlar line to provide very low stretch and high abrasion resistance.
This mount is intended to fit the KISS helmet only with either the HERO3, HERO4, HERO 2018, HERO5 or HERO6 GoPro cameras (select version above).

This model is intended to fit the Hero5/Hero6 dive housing and will also fit the Hero5/Hero6 frame. This model will also fit the Hero3/Hero4 but only if using the slimline housing.

Installation is easy and comes with everything needed to complete the installation except for a drill. See the tutorial videos below for a quick installation tutorial. These mounts are patent pending and fully lab tested for strength, quality and functionality. The strength and durability of these mounts far exceed that of the traditional stick on mounts.

Kit includes:
Case Mount
Two tensioner assemblies
Drill jig and jig bolts
Drill bit
Removable adhesive template
Release cable

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ProCut2 KISS GoPro Camera Mount Kit

  • Brand: Collette Tech
  • Product Code: ProCut2 KISS GoPro
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  • Brand: Collette Tech
  • ProCut2 KISS GoPro Camera Mount Kit Executive Anvil logo Product #:
  • Product Code: ProCut2 KISS GoPro