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The Original Power Tool Skydive Container Closing Tool.

Made of stainless steel and spectra. Now available in 8 different colors!

The Power Tool is threaded through the closing loop and then threaded through each grommet as you close each flap. The Power Tool is also a great rigging tool for installing soft links, bumpers and similar projects.

The Power Tool is made of polished Stainless Steel. The colored bars are powder coated with high-adhesion gloss polymer resin, 10 mil thick, and heat cured for resiliency. 

Note: When using the Power Tool for packing, use 4 fingers on the center part of the bar only. Do not put a finger on the back piece. Pressure or force on the outside ends of the Power Tool under tension can cause it to bend and/or break.

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The Original POWER Tool Skydive Container Closing Tool.

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  • Brand: Square1
  • The Original POWER Tool Skydive Container Closing Tool. Executive Anvil logo Product #:
  • Product Code: POWER Tool