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Shipping to the United States from Skydiving Gear Canada

Skydiving Gear Canada will ship to the United States free of charge for orders over $65.00 USD. We promise there will be no surprise at your door, all duty, taxes and border fee's will be paid in advanced when you purchase through our website.

We follow the Tax Nexus of the United states. At this time no state is charged taxes when you order from Skydiving Gear Canada.

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Dylan Hrycay - Skydiving Gear Canada Equipement Representative

Skydiving Gear Canada
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Sean Paquette - Représentant en vente d'équipement de parachutisme au Québec

Dropzone D'origine
Parachute Montreal Rive Nord / Rive Sud

Maegan MacKimmie - Equipo de paracaidismo Latinoamé rica representante de equipos

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