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  • SonoAlti 2

audible altimeter and data logger

includes charging cable & stickers

one-year subscription to FDS Logbook

Key Features

  • Rugged anodized aluminum case
  • Logs your jumps (altitude, speed, and temperature) for syncing to FDS Logbook
  • Free Bluetooth® iOS/Android app for setting the altimeter and syncing logged data to FDS Logbook
  • Firmware updates as easy as dragging a file onto a USB drive
  • Store up to five presets and select them via button press on the altimeter
  • Store unlimited alarms in each preset
  • 32 different alarm sounds
  • Always on
  • Remembers your settings and data when the battery runs out
  • Adjusts automatically to local elevation
  • Freefall threshold can be customized, and freefall alarms can be disabled below a certain altitude for swoopers and wingsuiters
  • Speaker volume can be adjusted for each individual type of alarm (i.e. ascent, freefall, and canopy)
  • Landing zone altitude adjustments can be made in each preset for those landing at a different altitude than takeoff
  • Tested to function accurately up to 30,000 feet
  • Control unit easily fits in an audible altimeter pocket in your helmet
  • Rechargeable lithium polymer battery (USB charging cable included)
  • Long battery life (approximately 250 jumps or 2 months)
  • Low battery warning alarm at 1,000 feet
  • Check battery status by holding down both buttons

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SonoAlti 2

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