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The FLAT-TOP PRO from Bonehead Composites is flown by some of the top names in skydiving aerial photography. Norman Kent, Joe Jennings, and Michael McGowan all rely on their FLAT-TOP PRO camera helmets for their versatility and ability to mount multiple cameras and accessories, as well as perfect stability and balance of weight. The FLAT-TOP PRO has tons of surface area for you to put almost anything on top of it.

The FLAT-TOP PRO is a great all-around camera helmet for any discipline in skydiving. RW, freefly, tandem video or competition freestyle can be captured with your FLAT-TOP PRO. This camera helmet is a rear-entry system, giving the user better camera stability without sacrificing comfort. The FLAT-TOP PRO has plenty of space inside to run wiring and camera buttons, etc., and to keep the snagable surfaces to a minimum. You have the choice of where you would like a ring sight post placed.

The FLAT-TOP PRO comes standard with Bonehead's ingenious Thermal-Fit liner, still camera adjustable platform, NEW cutaway system and "Riser Slap" release button protector.

Top dimensions:
7" x 9"

Bonehead Composites' long-lasting, quality helmets are designed and manufactured by us in the USA out of carbon fiber - not the plastic most skydiving helmet manufacturers are using. We strive for perfection, so we continue to manufacture helmets using composites over the less-expensive injection molded plastic; carbon fiber for strength and backed by fiberglass for shock absorption.

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The Flat-Top Pro Camera Helmet by Bonehead Composites

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